Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Central Bank Money Museum

Central Bank Money Museum

The first section of the Museum looks at the origins of money and examines various representations of money on the global continents, including cowrie shells, a Katanga cross, gold bars and paper money. Find out about money, old and new, from Spanish Doubloons to credit cards and e-money.The Museum occupies an area of 350 sq. metres and is situated on the ground-floor of the Central Bank building. It utilises modern design concepts and contains a mix of showcases, graphics, interactive elements and multi-media experiences that aim to give visitors a memorable and rewarding experience.The Museum tells a story about the global history of money, the history of money in Trinidad and Tobago and the role that the Bank has played and continues to play in shaping the economic and financial landscape of Trinidad and Tobago. The three aspects of the story-line of the Museum is represented in a separate physical but well-integrated area.

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